Add News Tutorial

WordPress has a feature called posts. This allows users to post items to the website and replies to be given by other users, much like a forum or discussion board, but not so well organised. In the SCS site these posts are used by news editors to add news about the club. This tutorial will show you how.

If you are a news editor you will automatically have publishing rights when you log on. To access these rights you should go to the Members pages menu on the right hand side on any page except the home page. There you will find a menu item marked “Dashboard”. Clicking on this will take you to your editing page, shown in part on the left.

Clicking on “Posts” will take yo to the “Posts “page where you will be able to add a new ‘News Item’ (post) by clicking on the “Add New” button at the top. After clicking on the Add New button you will be taken to the WordPress editor as shown below.

This is similar to an office editor and you should have no trouble using it if you are familiar with Microsoft  Office or something similar. There are one or two differences that may require clarification.

  1. Add Media. This will allow you to add images or files that already exist on the site or allow you to upload them from your own computer. when uploaded from the computer you will then have to select them from the”Add Media” page:

    To add new files to the wordpress repository click on “Upload Files” Then “Select Files” to copy them from you computer. You can then add a caption and a description if require in the right hand panel. When completed the file should be visible in the new post. Don’t forget to click on the “publish button after adding the file to the new post.
  2. Ignore the two “Add Form” buttons and the “Add Button” button as these aere not for use in the news items section.

As usual address any questions to me at and I will do my best to answer them.