Events Editor Tutorial

Add Modify and Delete Events


In order to organise events you have to be logged in as the ‘Events Manager’. Having logged in you then have to go to the members area (select any page from the top menu and you will see a list of options on the right hand side). You then select ‘Dashboard and you will be taken to the dasboard page. In the top left of th dashboard page you should see the following:

This is the menu that will allow you to organise the events page.
Add event.
To add an event click on Events. This will then produce a sub menu:

Ignore the profile option and look at the three choices: ‘All Events’, ‘Add New’ and Calendar view. Select ‘Add New’ and you will be taken to the ‘Add New Event’ page. From here complete the form to create a new event. Note that when you enter or select a venue you will get an error saying the page cannot load Google maps. This is an issue with Google maps that still has to be resolved so please ignore for now.