Membership Editing Tutorial

Follow these steps to add, edit or delete members:

Add User.
To add a user you must first be logged in. Upon logging in you will be taken to the member’s Pages and here you should select ‘Dashboard. You will then be taken to the dashboard where you will see a side menu which may or may not be expanded.

If you click on the icon to the left of where the black arrowhead is pointing (The black arrowhead is shown here for clarity and will not de displayed on screen) the dashboard menu will float out and you will then see this menu:

If you click on users you will then be given three choices as shown below.

Clicking on all users will produce a complete listing of the club membership where you will be able to edit or delete members. Clicking on Add will allow you to complete a form where you can add new users. The format of this form will almost certainly be changing to meet the requirements of GDPR, so I am not going into any detail at the moment, but if you click on all users you will get a listing as shown below: