Repertoire Tutorial


Steps to display SCS repertoire. 

Open SCS and login. Before doing anything else open two more windows for SCS,  You will find that you are already logged in to all three windows.  I will call these windows Screen 1, Screen 2 and Screen 3 for reference. In Screen 1 go to the dashboard and  select Pages – All Pages (Fig 1)

Fig 1

Note: For the purposes of this demonstration I will be adding “Under The Boardwalk” to the displayed polecats category, but the steps apply to any of the other categories.

File Structure. 
the files are divided into three parts with a hierarchy as follows:

–Categories (Polecates, Teach Tracks etc.)

This hierarchy can be seen here: (use the back button to return to this page). Note that the repertoire page is divided into categories (Polecats, Teach Tracks Christmas Songs etc.) and each category contains links to pages where the audio can be heard. 

Adding repertoire. 

Note: Before adding repertoire for display, the tracks should already be in the media section of the site.
The first thing to do is edit the Repertoire page by hovering over the name (Repertoire) and clicking “edit” See fig 2

Fig 2

Go to the appropriate category (I will use polecats as my example here) and add the name of the track you are going to upload. Note that to get the new title immediately beneath the last one you have to hold down the shift key whilst pressing the new line (Enter) Key other wise you get a double spaced newline. Click on the update button on the right hand side to save it. Now that the new song title is on the page we have to create a page for it. This where the second SCS window, Screen 2, comes in handy. go to Screen 2 and again select all pages from the dashboard. Near the bottom you should find an entry called “Song Parts Template”. See Fig 3:

Fig 3
Fig 3

Hover over Song Parts Template and an option to duplicate it will pop up. select “Duplicate This” and a copy will appear below it. You now need to edit the copy so hover over the one that is a draft and select “edit” it. See Fig 4.  This will open the page in edit mode to allow changes to be made.

Fig 4

The first edit point is change the name of the template to the name of the song – In this case we will change it to “Under the Boardwalk”. See fig 5:

Fig 5

On the right you will see a box where the page can be assigned to a parent. Currently it will be assigned as Repertoire. The word Repertoire is in a drop-down list and if you click in that box you will find a list of all the site pages. Locate the one marked polecats (or whatever category you are adding repertoire to) then click publish. The page is now live and at the top of the editor page you will see an option to view the page. Click on that and view the page. Now highlight and copy the URL at the top of the page ( in this case it is Having copied that, click on the back button to return to the page edit mode. 
We now have to add the URL we have copied to the link we created in the section, “Adding Repertoire” above, so go to screen 1 and highlight the appropriate track (Under the Boardwalk in this case). Now find the “Add Link” in the editor (see fig 6) and click on it.


Fig 6

This will bring up an edit box where you can now paste the URL you have just copied, See Fig 7.

Fig 7

Paste into where it says “Paste URL or type to search” and click on the apply symbol. Now click update to save your work so far. At the top of the page you will see an option to “View page”. Click on that and you will be taken live to the main Repertoire page. Your song (“Under The Boardwalk” here) should now be a link to the song page. Click on the link to ensure that that is where it takes you. If it takes you anywhere else then you will have to use the back button to the page where you entered the link. Here you can edit the link to put the correct link in.

Adding Links to the Tracks.
The tracks on the page now have to have a link to the actual tracks held in the file system. to do this go to Screen 3 and navigate to where you uploaded the tracks and open the folder for the song you are currently working with. We will take these in order starting with the one at the top – “Sheet Music.” Click on sheet music to open a page similar to Figure 8. 

Figure 8

In the box captioned “Copy Link” highlight and copy the URL in there. You may have to go to the end of the URL and highlight it from back to front. Once you are happy tat you have the full URL go to screen 2 and paste it into the link box (Similar to Figure 7). Click on apply and click update to save your work so far. The remaining tracks can have their links added in exactly the same way.

You should now have a page for the song you have just created so go to the main site (at the top left hand corner you will see a menu option called “Second City Sound”. Hover over that and click on “visit site”). Now go to the Repertoire page and follow the links to ensure all is working correctly.