When anyone first visits the site s/he will see the menu available to the public:

This menu should be self-explanatory and intuitive, so no need for any further detail here except for the login selection at the extreme right.
This option will take the user to a login page where they can log in to access the member’s pages of the website if s/he is a registered member of Second City Sound. Upon successful login the user will be taken to the Member’s Area of the site where they can access data that is private to SCS members only. Two new menus ( Member’s Pages and Club Admin) will now be available on either the bottom or right hand side of the screen, depending on whether you are on a mobile, tablet or desktop. Here is a brief explanation of each of the menu selections:

Member’s Area. This will take you to the member’s area start page.

Your Profile. This will take you to your profile page where you can add information about yourself, edit existing information and delete information you do not wish to be made public (unless that is required information such as your user name or email address)

Events. This page displays a calendar of events and will include events not available to the public (Committee meetings, extra rehearsals etc.)

Dropbox. This will take you to the chorus’ current repertoire where you can access and download sheet music and teach tracks for the current repetoire.

Club Forums. Discussion or bulletin boards where the club membership can discuss topics.

Our Members. This page lists the current membership and allows members to find email addresses and directly email individual members.

Tutorials. The current page!

Dashboard. This takes you to the admin page.

The ‘Club Admin’ Menu allows SCS members and authorised users (if any) to gain access to club documentaion. The menu items are self explanatory.

Members with Editorial permissions will be allowed to access the admin area of the site accordingn to permissions granted to them.