Privacy Policy.

Second City Sound is a private club for ladies who may be interested in barbershop and show singing. Membership of Second City Sound requires registration and registration requires that we collect and store some basic information about our members. This information is required for club administration purposes and will not be shared to any third party except as detailed below (Sharing Personal Information). In this privacy policy we will explain what information we hold, how it is securely stored and how you can view, change or delete some or all of that information. The storage of this information meets GDPR requirements.

We do not currently use cookies. If, at a later date, we decide that there would be some value in the use of cookies we would inform all of the membership and provide a vehicle for each member to understand how these cookies would be used.

Google Analytics
It is a policy of Second City Sound to introduce new members to the club and promote the barbershop and show song experience to the general public. To do this effectively via the medium of our website we may use Google Analytics to improve our effectiveness in achieving these goals. Google Analytics collects standard internet logging information and details of visitor behaviour to produce patterns that can be analysed to allow us to monitor such things as number of visitors to the site and which parts of the site have been visited. What we do not allow Google Analytics to do is interrogate our database for any personal data that is held there, thus maintaining the anonymity of our members and visitors alike.

Mailing lists and news letter subscriptions.
We do not currently use either of these but if at a later date we decide that there would be value in using them (and other such tools) we will inform the membership and give them an opportunity to positively either opt in or opt out.

What we collect at registration.
At the time of registration we will collect from you: your full name, your email address, and ask you to provide and verify a password. These entries must be completed in order that you may view the members pages of the Second City Sound website. These details will not be made public without your positive consent, but will be stored on a secure database with advanced database encryption for maximum security.

Sharing personal information.
We do not share any of your personal data with any third party and that will remain our long term policy. We do, however, allow other club members to access the following data in a members list: Name, Email Address and date of last login. We do this because we are a social club and as such members may wish to communicate individually with other members. If you do not wish to have your data published in this way an opt out is provided.

Other stored information.
After registration members will have an opportunity to complete a profile of themselves. Completion of this profile is completely voluntary. The data stored will be as much or as little as the member wishes to submit. The profile will be available for viewing only to other club members.

Your rights to data protection.
Should you wish to view, amend or delete your personal information in whole or in part, you can do this by contacting our Membership Secretary Elaine Mobsby or editing your profile in the website.

Policy Reviews.
This privacy policy will be reviewed on a regular basis (normally at our AGM) and updated on our website. We will inform members of any changes as a result of such reviews